Seeds of a Legend

by Charles Landreth

I've been married for over 20 years and my wife and I share our house with two dogs and four cats here in Texas. I'm a spiritual person, although not religious, and have found the fantasy genre to be a much needed escape from the daily grind.


Reading wasn't something I did much of as a child, and my teen years were full of many of the risks kids take, unthinking of the consequences that lurk in the real world. On many occaisions I found myself in situations that could have turned out much worse than they did. My senior year in high school I came to a fork in the road. I could continue down the more risky path and the dangers that were inevitable there, or I could find an outlet that would lead me to a more enjoyable life.

I would never have thought that reading a single book would have such an impact on that decision. I had a great english teacher and he had us read The Crystal Cave, I forget the author. That was the first time I was able to sink into a story, and being a visual person the imagery was very intense. For a few hours the stress of life was an after thought and I could just enjoy the book. That book quickly led to many more, and instead of going out and getting into trouble, I was sitting at home engrossed in a new book.  That alone likely steered me away from a more troubled life, but it also encouraged me to expand my reading material.

Where I had found text books to be dry and a burden to get through, after reading so many fantasy books, the thought of reading a couple of chapters in a training manual and the like was no longer an impossible thought. I've since taught myself HTML, Javascript and VBScript. I've researched and learned the details and techniques of software testing and have built a respectable career doing that.

None of this would have been possible had I taken that other path so long ago. A time when a single book changed my life. I think about that during my writing, and hope that maybe some day, a book of mine can help lead someone else into a better life as well.

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