Seeds of a Legend

by Charles Landreth

Sword Bearer - Book I of the Seeds of a Legend Series.


The book tells the story of Jonran who, under the burden of a highly technological world, finds an opportunity to escape through a magic portal.  He awakes to find himself on a more primitive planet and his body transformed into that of an ancient race of a long forgotten people.  

He is quickly captured and taken as a slave, and befriends a skilled but questionable thief who helps him through the many trials of slavery, aiding in his eventual escape. Their paths split as Jonran stumbles into the protected elven lands while his friend finds a future with a resistance force fighting a corrupt human government.


Splinter - Book II of the Seeds of a Legend Series.


In "Splinter", Jonran's family is taken from him, the enemy focuses its might against Tronliem Stronghold, and new enemy soldiers are created by Traliel. Jonran leaves his friends behind as he tries to complete his quest without endangering them further. However, he can't slip away from his dwarven friend Coran. The two join Sabio to find the Wind Shrine and obtain the next stone...

The Hand of Time - Book III of the Seeds of a Legend Series.


The final book in the series.


Release date TBD.

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